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CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Disappointments (Part 1)

Whether it's a direct result of hype or just a very shoddy product from a team that should have known better, a video game disappointment cuts like steel. This first of a two part post collects entries #20-#11 of CelJaded's most disappointing games.

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Review: Ben Prunty Albums

Ben Prunty shot to recognition after producing audio for the hit PC game FTL and since I own his entire album collection up to this point (spoiler: they’re rather good!) I’d like to share my thoughts on each one and talk a little bit about why I like them and why you might too.

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The 16-bit Era

The fourth generation of home video game consoles would constitute somewhat of a golden period in my Sega-centric gaming history. Like many moments though, I always found it extremely special to be part of something like this the first time around as well as rediscovering it after many years.

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You Have to Start Somewhere

It was a very rare sequence of events that brought me to my first contact with the world of video games and in fact, looking back now I guess it played out exactly like something you might see in a movie.

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