This is an index of every track featured in CelJaded’s 2nd anniversary top 100 list featuring my personal favourite video game music.

All of the entries featured in that ten-part series are itemized below with links to the posts in which they appeared.


#1Go Straight …for Streets of Rage II

“It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the composer’s name is proudly displayed on the game’s title screen.”

#2 – Gruntilda’s Lair …for Banjo-Kazooie

“It’s music like this that puts both Rare’s popularity and the skill of its composer Grant Kirkhope into sharp focus.”

#3 – Ramirez at Bay …for Headhunter

“The pace in this five minute epic starts off slow and develops steadily into a triumphant anthem…”

#4Heavy Price Paid …for Halo 2

“Particularly memorable for the sombre beauty it adds to Halo 2’s menu screens and various cutscenes.”

#5Passing Breeze …for Out Run

“A more laid back number that’s so chilled you can almost feel the cool Caribbean air against your face.”

#6Last Stand …for FTL: Faster Than Light

“This is a track that’s steeped in tension and accelerating drama without being overbearing…”

#7Cleric Beast …for Bloodborne

“From its brooding undercurrent to the booming choir, this track contributes a healthy portion of the fear factor that’s felt going into the eponymous boss battle.”

#8Conditioned Reflex …for Sega Rally Championship

“Seriously, what more could you possibly want?”

#9 – Baba Yetu …for Civilization IV

“I can still remember being awestruck by this song the first time I booted up the Civilization IV menu all those years ago; such is its incomparable quality.”

#10 – Fear …for Rez

“Explores the harmony between sound and gameplay in a way that only makes its place in this top 10 feel even more fitting.”

#11 Act On Instinct …for Command & Conquer

“Awash with all the heavy beats, uncompromising riffs, and amusing speech samples that grant Command & Conquer its unique place in video game music history.”

#12Leeza’s First Mission …for Headhunter Redemption

“You may start to admire this one even more for its low key approach mixed with the occasional flash of drama.”

#13Pit Bully …for Three Dirty Dwarves

“It’s just one more dirty guitar riff from beginning to end and for such a chaotic backyard brawl as this, I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

#14Music of the Spheres …for Soulstar

“This upbeat closing credits theme is just too good to ignore.”

#15Beyond Earth …for Civilization: Beyond Earth

Geoff Knorr got the honour of delivering us the title theme and it’s an honour that’s well-earned indeed.”

#16Yhorm the Giant …for Dark Souls III

“Sometimes you just need a totally epic boss theme to blow the housing off of your speakers.”

#17Training Ambience …for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Training Ambience may be a difficult one to appreciate without proper context, but the game’s greater themes are embedded in this track like no other.”

#18Pokémon League …for Pokémon X and Y

“More than sells the grandeur of the game’s imminent final battle.”

#19Main Menu …for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

“It’s gratifying to know that I’m not the only one with a menu theme fetish…”

#20Nerevar Rising …for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

“One of the most renowned pieces of music that the genre has to offer.”

#21Tsoul’i …For Evil Twin: Cyprien’s Chronicles

“A real delight to hear over and over again.”

#22The Legend of Aesir …For Bayonetta 2

“The operatic music that sells this explosive scene more than picks up the slack.”

#23Medieval Dragon…For Rayman Legends

“Aside from just being marvellous though, Rayman Legends also sounds brilliant too…”

#24Sir Alonne …For Dark Souls II

“This theme has all the drama and energy that you could ever want from another balls-difficult dodging exhibition.”

#25An Underlying Problem …For Shovel Knight

“There’s more than nostalgia at work here.”

#26Can’t Go Back …For Diehard Trilogy

“Amidst the shrill SFX of guns and distressed civilians, it just sort of works.”

#27Menu Theme …For BattleBlock Theatre

“It’s a really fun tune that’s just ominous enough to suit the humour and oddball style of the game it represents.”

#28Ambient 8 …For Warlords Battlecry

“Always been the piece of music that I most associate with this underrated franchise.”

#29Shop …For Lords of Thunder (Mega-CD Version)

“You’d surely just expect something short and peppy to accompany, but nope- this track rocks!”

#30In the Beginning …for Mortal Kombat

“This is Mortal Kombat at its most pure.”

#31Finish The Fight …For Halo 3

“You don’t need me on this one.”

#32Boss …For Rocket Knight Adventures

“Everything that’s good and effective about boss music is found in this track.”

#33Rock Solid …For Conker’s Bad Fur Day

“One of those video game tracks that really lives up to its name.”

#34New Junk City …For Earthworm Jim (Mega-CD/PC Version)

“As good as it gets.”

#35New Quack City …For Fur Fighters

“I just love this.”

#36The Greatest Jubilee …For Bayonetta

“The sheer epic sound here always gets me coming back for another eager listen.”

#37The Woods of Light …For Rayman 2: The Great Escape

“I’ve always liked this music for its mellow feel and catchy guitar riff.”

#38Uninhabited Island …For Skies of Arcadia

“This track perfectly encapsulates the theme of being stuck on a deserted island with nothing but your intuition and a few sticks of firewood to help you survive.”

#39Main Theme …For Tomb Raider

“Very evocative of all those mysterious locations that Lara finds herself exploring.”

#40Severnaya Bunker …for Goldeneye 007

“It’s at once thematic and extremely suitable considering how the stealthy the actual level can be in practice.”

#41V8 Theme …For Vigilante 8 (N64 Version)

“An unforgettable 70s-inspired title theme by veteran composer Howard Drossin.”

#42The Streets of Whiterun …For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim’s more low-key compositions keep the game feeling fresh for longer.”

#43Uncharted Worlds …For Mass Effect

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

#44The Fallen Ground …For Panzer Dragoon Orta

“It’s much easier to appreciate such majestic quality when you don’t have the SFX of swooping wings and laser beams playing over the top of it.”

#45Everybody Jump Around …For Jet Set Radio

“All part of what makes this game so weirdly irresistible.”

#46 Halo …For Halo

“Frenetic strings and booming drums set the tone for this staple track of the entire Halo franchise.”

#47Never Look Back (Sam’s Theme) …For Gray Matter

“This featured theme to Gray Matter’s attractive young protagonist Samantha Everett ranks as my favourite of the lot.”

#48Great Grey Wolf Sif…For Dark Souls

“This is a piece tinged with both fury and sadness and it’s one that Dark Souls players will likely remember for a long time after.”

#49 Mr Meanie’s Future World …For Saturn Bomberman

“That bassline that kicks in around the 80 second mark is a real pleasure.”

#50Lewanda’s Love …For Toejam & Earl in Panic On Funkotron

“This melodic stage theme from Toejam & Earl’s sequel is still one funky joint.”

#51Floating Across Water …For Heroes of Might & Magic IV

“This is a beautiful piece, one dotted with many Celtic-sounding samples that perfectly suit its intended maritime flavour.”

#52 Soviet March …For Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Soviet March leaves an oppressive boot-like impression all over your face.”

#53 Destinations Unknown …For The Terminator (Mega-CD Version)

“Through the magic of YouTube however, we now have the power to preserve awesome music like this.”

#54Save Me …For Unreal Tournament

“Violent, unsubtle and just plain relentless.”

#55Main Theme …For Warlords Battlecry III

“Makes you want to scream “shaaaarrrpen the ahhhxes!” at the top of your lungs!”

#56Ideal …For Ikaruga

“I’ve always been a big fan of this music.”

#57 R.A.X. …For Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side

“There are plenty of really good stage themes in this game, but perhaps none sound quite as unique and fitting as this one does.”

#58 Fighting in the Streets …For Streets of Rage

“One of the most memorable and stylish tracks in the whole game.”

#59Vs. Elite Four …For Pokémon Black & White

“Even though the music from the Pokémon series is heavily reliant on established themes, every once in a while you’re treated to something that sounds really unique.”

#60Terrible Beat …For The Revenge of Shinobi

“A perfect fit for all the grueling end-of-level showdowns that characterize this rock-hard Sega classic.”

#61Item Box …For Resident Evil 5

“About as desirably ominous as anything I’ve heard in the franchise to date.”

#62Chateau DuClare …For Deus Ex

“Gives the level in question a rather beautiful aura of mystery and intrigue.”

#63Ryu’s Theme …For Street Fighter II

“Just intense.”

#64Can Can …For Lemmings (Mega Drive Version)

“Japanese developer Sunsoft were veritable legends where video game music is concerned…”

#65Ground Theme …For Super Mario Bros.

“I think this one speaks for itself.”

#66 Track 4 …For Extreme-G

“These pulsing beats are blessed with a very recognizable quality and sound well beyond what their limited storage medium usually allowed for.”

#67 Main Theme …For Road Rash II

“The Mega Drive’s sound chip is blessed with many rocking compositions and this here title theme to one of its most famous exclusives has always been a favourite of mine.”

#68 – Mice on Venus …For Minecraft

“The perfect ambient accompaniment to all those hard hours of toil under the cubes.”

#69Oldies But Happies …For Jet Set Radio Future

“A bizarre but catchy little number featuring all manner of weird and wonderful samples.”

#70Never Say Die …For Under Defeat HD

“It’s quite subtle compared to the standards of most shoot ’em ups…”

#71 Main Table …For Dragon’s Fury

“This near 10 minute main table theme goes the distance too, but it’s such a wild ride that you won’t mind it being practically the only piece of music you’ll hear in the game!”

#72Port of Adia …For Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Turok’s unsettling ambient strings still sound superb and overall the music does wonders for enhancing the atmosphere of an otherwise mediocre gaming experience.”

#73Main Theme …For Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

“The cello and violin instruments in this version add a real air of sadness; something that the franchise has now become well known for.”

#74Colonel Crane’s Fighting Train …For Ironclad Tactics

“Looks even better when put against the backdrop of an ironclad stage show!”

#75D.O.A. …For Dead or Alive 2

“One big heavy guitar riff that punches you in the face every time you start the game.”

#76Fury, Hammer and Tongs …For Jade Empire

“A furiously varied piece that seeks to make each and every one of the game’s many confrontations feel like a real spectacle.”

#77Under the Star of Destiny …For Soulcalibur II

“This rousing theme, that accompanies the opening to Soulcalibur II, surely ranks as one of the very best in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.”

#78Grabbag …For Duke Nukem 3D

“One of the most rocking pieces of video game music you’ll ever find…”

#79Main Title …For Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

“A dark and ominous piece that ties into the game’s theme wonderfully.”

#80The Shell’s Desert: Final Boss …For Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

“About as thrilling as it gets.”

#81Anything But Tangerines …for Earthworm Jim 2 (32-bit Version)

“A frenetic piece of background music driven by a stunning combo of electric guitar and keyboard.”

#82Short Change …for Grand Theft Auto 2

“Simply brilliant and surely a great song to get high to.”

#83The Water Temple …For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

“When divorced of all the frustration and anxiety of the area itself, you can really feel the soothing effect of the beautiful melody and the slow aquatic heartbeat running through it.”

#84Main Theme …For Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

“A perfect example of how people value video game music differently from each other…”

#85 Ozar Midrashim …For Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

“It’s impossible not to feel the gravity of the dark and mysterious land of Nosgoth assaulting your senses from every angle.”

#86Big Boss Blues …For Keio Flying Squadron

“Perfectly nails that necessary sensation of looming dread. Lovely!”

#87Cardinal Dancer …For Wipeout

“Helps give the game more of that pulsing sound that defines the franchise.”

#88 Lower Seattle and Heron’s Loft …For Deus Ex: Invisible War

“Does a superb job of immersing you in the effusive cyberpunk world that the Deus Ex franchise calls home.”

#89 The Cove …For Puggsy

“A little more upbeat and peppy than the decidedly ambient but no less pleasant CD-ROM alternative.”

#90 The Battle …For Golden Axe II

“This short piece of music (that plays over the game’s title sequence) has more pizzazz than anything else in the game.”

#91War Has Never Been So Much Fun …For Cannon Fodder

“Although its chief composer is sadly no longer with us, his work lives on in one of history’s most memorable video game anthems.”

#92 Trinity Escape …For Perfect Dark Zero

“The music here is both varied and thrilling however and the composer has done a great job of amping up the tension with some heavier riffs.”

#93Toejam Jammin’ …For Toejam & Earl

“The perfect title theme, as it instantly sets the tone for what is to be one wacky adventure full of smooth moves and soggy tomatoes!”

#94I Vow to Thee, My Country …For Sid Meier’s Civilization V

“The momentum builds in the same epic way as the in-game battles do and the audible hints of maritime flavour only suit the civilization in question even more.”

#95Into Sandy’s City …For DOOM II

“It’s a very thematic piece that stands apart from the more rock-driven influences found elsewhere on the soundtrack.”

#96Boss …For Fantasy Zone

“This short but punchy number perfectly caps off all those fluffy levels with a spot of sinister drama.”

#97Into the Cosmos …For Metal Slug 3

“A relentless shoot ’em up accompaniment that leaves little room for subtlety.”

#98Clotho …For Columns

Sega’s colourful Tetris clone has some really good music with the default Clotho perhaps being the most well known and admired.”

#99A-Type …For Tetris

“Proof that good video game music doesn’t always need cutting edge technology in order to be melodic and satisfyingly catchy.”

#100Runner AD2025 …For Alien Soldier

“A pure adrenaline-thumping tune that lets you know exactly what you’re getting into with this high-octane action shoot ’em up from the masters of the genre.”