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CelJaded Most Wanted: A Sonic Anniversary That Isn’t Depressing

Putting the Jaded in CelJaded.

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CelJaded Top 100: Best Video Games (#80 – #71)

Part 3 of the ongoing anniversary mega list for CelJaded's Top 100 Best Video Games. Features entries #80 to #71.

CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Disappointments (Part 2)

Collecting the final ten entries, this is part 2 of the detailed mega-list featuring CelJaded's top 20 video game disappointments. Enough time wasted, let's get straight back to it!

The 16-bit Era

The fourth generation of home video game consoles would constitute somewhat of a golden period in my Sega-centric gaming history. Like many moments though, I always found it extremely special to be part of something like this the first time around as well as rediscovering it after many years.

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