This is an index of the titles featured in CelJaded‘s 1st anniversary top 100 list featuring my self-proclaimed favourite video games.

All of the entries featured in that nineteen part series are itemized below with links to the posts in which they appeared.



“I can say with confidence that rarely have I witnessed such an authentic, fearless and utterly marvelous piece of work quite like this.”


“To re-visit Halo today is to witness the infinite possibility of video games being realized right before your very eyes.”

#3Streets of Rage Remake

“The ultimate reinterpretation of a classic series; one that looks, sounds and feels a perfect 10 steps above that which inspired it.”

#4SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash

“This is one of the most playable and addictive handheld titles ever made, card battle or otherwise.”

#5 – Pokémon: White Version 2/Pokémon: Black Version 2

“A rare game in the Nintendo DS collection; a title that lived up to every one of my expectations on release.”

#6Sonic & Knuckles

“This is vintage Sega; an awe-inspiring and superbly fun experiment in everything you can do to make a 2D platformer as spectacular as humanly possible.”

#7Warlords Battlecry III

“A powerful addiction of heroic role-playing meets old school strategic gameplay that rarely fails to surprise.”

#8Civilization V

“The hours I’ve spent playing Civilization V make it quite obvious; this is still one of the most varied and consistently satisfying games that I’ve played to date.”


“A sorely needed flash of style for the genre, a masterclass in fluid combat design and the kind of enjoyable game that Tomonobu Itagaki only wishes he could make.”

#10Dark Souls II

“This is a massive, unfathomably deep and truly rewarding odyssey that feels intensely and brilliantly alive in every conceivable respect.”

#11Dark Souls

“The dream of an uncompromising RPG with depth, complexity and intense satisfaction has been realized all over again.”

#12Panzer Dragoon Orta

“The best in the franchise and an essential gaming experience for shoot ’em up fans.”

#13WWF No Mercy

“The grappling on offer here is fluid, exciting and quite unlike any wrestling game made since; a quality offering that still draws favourable comparisons after fifteen years.”

#14Dragon Force

“There are very few 32-bit games that offer the sort of incredible depth and lasting appeal that Dragon Force offers.”

#15Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare have been trying to emulate the magic they scored with this game for years now, but nothing has yet compared to this one stellar adventure set in a galaxy far, far away….”

#16Shenmue II

“This is a game with more quality graphics, replay hours and quintessential gaming ‘moments’ than a hundred titles of a similar ilk.”

#17Gunstar Heroes

“It is to video games what Revolutionary Road is to Richard Yates novels; a debut work of the highest order and one that deserves a place in any collection.”

#18The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

“This is a game of near-unparalleled quality and one that rightly deserves a reputation as the finest piece of video game software ever produced.”

#19Tomb Raider

“Whilst not everyone will enjoy its noticeable learning curve, those that persist will find a complex and rewarding game that still delivers the goods nearly twenty years on.”

#20Toy Commander

“An overlooked gem of a game and one that I still get the itch to play even now.”

#21Saturn Bomberman

“One of the best games in the series simply because of its supported player count, varied battle arenas and faithful 2D action.”

#22Goldeneye 007

“Accept no imitations, this is one of the finest Nintendo games out there and no amount of remakes or spiritual pandering will change that.”

#23Rocket Knight Adventures

“An extremely playable 2D action game that stands on its own two feet as a bona fide 16-bit classic.”

#24Skies of Arcadia

“An excellent JRPG and one that is rife with enough hours of adventuring, looting and glory to last a lifetime.”

#25Soulcalibur II

“Every character feels viable, the animation is smooth and overall the game just feels very satisfying to play.”

#26Fire Pro Wrestling D

“A near peerless wrestling title and one that is well worth the effort of delving into if you’re a fan of the sport in question.”

#27Deus Ex: Human Revolution

“Whether you favour stealth, shoot outs or role-playing, this game has something for you.”

#28Under Defeat HD

“It’s an unorthodox title to proclaim as your favourite shmup perhaps, but that’s exactly what it is to me. An underrated classic.

#29Nights into Dreams…

“It is gorgeous, addictive and overall a very special game that stands as one of the Sega Saturn‘s finest English exclusives.”

#30Speed Devils

“A quality racing game that prioritizes a good time above anything else.”

#31Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

“An uncompromising and rewarding sports game that delivers all of the heavy thrills, heavy content and heavy music that the series is known for best.”

#32Halo 3

“One of the best Xbox 360 games for sheer lasting appeal; it will take you hundreds of hours to exhaust all of the content contained within.”

#33Deus Ex

“An excellent game and one rightly regarded for letting players take their own individual approach to the task at hand.”

#34Rayman 2: The Great Escape

“A spectacular adventure and easily the most unexpected video game surprise I’ve played in recent years.”

#35Fallout II

“With a generous helping of fun combat, great plot twists and strong replay value, it might not be all that different from the original, but it’s surely the sequel that it deserved.”

#36Silent Scope

“A tense and exciting shooter, it will likely remain my arcade game of choice for years to come.”

#37Sonic the Hedgehog 2

“The gameplay is fast, the challenge is tough and the graphics are a 2D showpiece accompanied by some of the most upbeat tunes of the 16-bit era.”

#38Sonic CD

“A good example of what the Sega Mega-CD could do if given the proper consideration.”

#39Sonic the Hedgehog

“High-action gameplay, impressive graphics, catchy music and even an unforgettable level select cheat code all combine to make this one of the finest games of my generation.”

#40XCOM: Enemy Within

“A fine re-imagining of a popular series; it looks great, plays great and comes with a lot of replay hours for those who get into it.”

#41Puyo Pop Fever

“It’s a timeless design that becomes immensely addictive when you discover how to properly create combos.”

#42Theme Park

“A classic from the developers at Bullfrog and one with enough depth and complexity to make it worth playing today.”

#43Power Stone

“A very pure beat ’em up that mixes good fundamentals with a fresh spin and marks one of Capcom’s finest efforts in years.”

#44Unreal Tournament

“A remarkably playable game and one that works with a range of different player counts; a frag-fest for the ages.”


“You could easily argue that it’s more of an experience than it is a video game, but all I know is that I’ve played it more than fifty times without sign of getting bored of it yet.”

#46Pokémon: Red Version/Pokémon: Blue Version

“Even with the Gameboy‘s rapidly aging technology on full display, Pokémon Red and Blue are loaded with character and are still a lot of fun today.”


“Proves that nonstop action and mindless violence aren’t the only tools with which to make a compelling video game.”


“Thirty five years on and still going strong, it’s still as instantly playable and addictive now as it was in the Eighties.”


“A quality gaming experience and one that stands as a centrepiece for why 2007 is often considered a golden year in gaming.”

#50City of Heroes

“A heady mix of comic book antics and rewarding team-play that is gone, but not forgotten.”

#51Power Stone 2

“A marvelously entertaining game, but one with just a few too many typical Capcom flaws for me to justify a place in the top 50.”

#52Lylat Wars

“It represents one of the finest Nintendo 64 shoot ’em ups around and I’ll be surprised if it isn’t considered a high point for its respective series.”


“This a 16-bit gem from the one-time masters at Delphine Software and it remains a classic game no matter how bad its 2013 remake was in both premise and execution.”


“Whereas difficulty this high is usually a barrier in similar games, Ikaruga keeps things just short and simple enough to keep you wanting another try.”

#55Neverwinter Nights

“I can’t think of many modern RPGs from the time that are more impressive than this one.”

#56NHL Hitz 2003

“The controls are good, the AI is impressive and overall it’s tough to find much of a fault with the game at all.”

#57Gears of War

“Offers an undiluted slice of gaming goodness that works in spite of its uninspired narrative.”


“Some of the best games often require a bit of perseverance and this is certainly one that’s worth going the extra mile for.”

#59TimeSplitters 2

“A perfect game for anyone that likes console shooters… with monkeys.”


“However controversial it can be at times, this is a one-of-a-kind series that redefines what a mature and well written RPG really is.”

#61Alex Kidd in Miracle World

“However controversial it can be at times, this is a one-of-a-kind series that redefines what a mature and well written RPG really is.”

#62Halo Wars

“The cooperative campaign is just one more RTS innovation that elevates this surprisingly good title above similar console offerings.”

#63Worms Armageddon

“Represents the complete experience of what this multiplayer standard bearer has to offer.”

#64Diablo II

“Its simple mix of fast-paced combat, item collecting and character building has often been copied but rarely has it been succeeded.”

#65Toejam & Earl

“An irresistibly original game that Sega fans have held in high esteem for many years.”

#66Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

“However controversial it can be at times, this is a one-of-a-kind series that redefines what a mature and well written RPG really is.”

#67Marvel vs. Capcom 2

“The colourful sprite work, varied selection of fighters and addictive gameplay make this one crossover that I don’t regret investing my time in.”

#68Capcom vs. SNK 2

“Realizes a dream match-up between two major companies in a much more varied and exciting way than before and it still ranks as one of my absolute favourites.”

#69Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

“A short and sweet sequel that still looks and plays great even today.”

#70Diddy Kong Racing

“No other kart racing game comes close to Diddy Kong Racing in terms of accessibility, enjoyment and longevity.”

#71Virtua Tennis 2

“Solid visuals, solid controls and solid fundamentals make this a quality title, whether you like sports games or not.”


“One of the N64‘s finest titles and one that I have enjoyed completing on not one but three different occasions.”

#73Magic: the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

“Subsequent titles in the series certainly have their advantages, but none of them bring the level of improvement and quality that’s present in this 2012 edition.”

#74Duke Nukem 3D

“A loud and bombastic throwback to the Nineties that is a still a real blast to play today, especially with multiple players.”

#75 Dynasty Warriors 3

“For all the bells and whistles of the series’ many sequels, it’s still Dynasty Warriors 3 that I’ve enjoyed the most.”

#76Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

“It may be the only title in the series I’ve played to date, but I’m confident in saying that it probably still ranks amongst the best.”

#77Sonic Adventure

“It still stands as one of the first games that fully harnessed the Dreamcast‘s power.”

#78 Metal Slug 3

“As the last Metal Slug game made by the original SNK team, this is a send-off the likes of which gaming has only rarely witnessed.”

#79Crazy Taxi

“A game that understands how a delightfully simple concept can sometimes make for the best arcade experience money can buy.”


“It’s an often imitated but never duplicated classic in action video game design and it will likely remain that way forever.”

#81Sega Rally Championship

“Quite simply the best racing experience available for the Sega Saturn, and also one of the finest 32-bit racing games ever made.”


“Fast, tense and a whole lot of wet puzzling fun.”

#83Super Mario 64

“A fun and immensely important game that ranks as one of the finest launch titles ever to grace a home console.”

#84 Fallout 3

“Between this gripping atmosphere, the adrenaline-fueled combat and enticing blend of exploration and retro Fifties songs, this is a fun game that’s built to last.”

#85Etherlords II

“It’s a solid game, one saved by a remarkably diverse battle system and a dizzying array of fun strategies and deckbuilding potential.”


“Stands as one of the Neo Geo Pocket‘s absolute best offerings and one of my favourites at that.”

#87 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

“Whilst I’ve now sworn off the series entirely, I can’t for a second deny the sheer amount of time I’ve spent and have enjoyed in the land of Morrowind.”


“The gameplay, the graphics and extensive mission mode all complement each other so well that I still get the urge to play this one regularly.”

#89Shining Force II

“It all culminates in what is perhaps the best strategy RPG available for the Sega Mega Drive.”

#90Panzer Dragoon Saga

“The time spent on the dragon is invigorating, the battle system is very enjoyable and the 3D world as a whole is both unique and fascinating.”

#91Resident Evil Code: Veronica

“It’s a beautiful entry into the series that looks incredibly cinematic at times and it does what the series is known for just as well (if not better) than the games before it did.”

#92 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

“Definitely not a game for everyone, but it offers plenty of good multiplayer thrills.”

#93Earthworm Jim

“A fun ride and a decent challenge. In a word: groovy!”

#94Road Rash II

“One of those instantly playable two player titles that every Sega acolyte simply needs to have in their collection.”

#95Phantasy Star Online

“Games like this are overwhelmingly common nowadays, but back in 2000 it felt fresh and exciting.”

#96 – Mortal Kombat II

“There’s no doubt that Mortal Kombat II deserves to be mentioned when talking about the series’ very best installments.”

#97Space Invaders

“It’s a seriously good game even to this day and still gets the odd remake and remaster when Taito is feeling spry.”

#98Blast Chamber

“In overlooking its faults I’m often reminded of how fun and original video games can be.”

#99Crystal Warriors

“I’ve always thought that its stiff challenge and tactical gameplay was a good fit for the handheld format”.


“As niche, strange and outright silly as it looks, but there’s no mistaking the enjoyment I’ve gotten from playing this one over the years.”