A month ago I lamented the current price point of Nintendo’s Wii U console and said that despite it being home to one of my most anticipated sequels, perhaps ever, I would remain principally adverse to paying a high sum for a piece of hardware that seemingly has no future now that its successor, codenamed “NX”, has already been announced.

These sentiments did little to deter my Christmas-happy family however and now that the 25th of December has passed, I now find myself in the possession of a “basic” white 8GB Wii U and a few choice games with which to ring in the new year. Excluding handhelds, this marks the first time in my some 25 year history of gaming where I have actually owned a Nintendo home console. As far as personal milestones go, I’d say it’s quite a big one.

My initial desire to get a Wii U was entirely motivated by a singular purpose, but with the clutch year of 2016 now rapidly approaching, I thought it might be a fun idea to keep a yearlong journal of my time spent getting to know the machine in question.

It’s no great revelation that the Wii U is turning into one of Nintendo’s biggest failures at this point, but ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll probably agree that I seem to have a bizarre affinity for underdog gadgets and I’ll admit that I am keen to uncover whether the Wii U console itself is truly deserving of the misfortune it has suffered so far.

In quite a departure from CelJaded’s first year then, 2016 will be a time for Nintendo coverage. There’s good reason to believe this could be the Wii U’s final year on the market, but with big first-party names such as Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda waiting in the wings, who knows what could happen?

Whilst you’d quite rightly expect a first impressions article to be the next logical step – and believe me, one is coming – there’s a particular Wii U game I think deserves to be talked about first, so look out for that in the first proper Wii U and I journal entry being published in the new year.

In closing I’d like to offer a big thank you to everyone who has contributed or stuck with CelJaded in 2015; here’s hoping that the next one is a great one for gaming.