CelJaded Top 20: Overlooked Video Games (Part 1)

Not every game is lucky to be fondly remembered by many for years to come. In this first of a two part post, we'll explore ten such games that I think are in desperate need of a second look.

Retrospective: Etherlords

A retrospective on the RPG/card battling hybrid series of video games from Nival Interactive. Are these unique titles still worth playing a decade after release? Let's find out!

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CelJaded Top 20: Overrated Video Games (Part 1)

Certain games tend to get more praise than they probably deserve. In this first of a two part post we'll look at ten such games that always leave me thinking: "what's so special about this, exactly?"

CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Surprises (Part 2)

Part 2 of the list where we're in the midst of discovering some of the most unexpectedly good games that I've ever come across. So buckle up and get ready for the final ten titles in this list of CelJaded's top 20 video game surprises.

CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Surprises (Part 1)

Like a toaster in the tub; some games just catch you by surprise! This is part 1 of a brand new list that explores CelJaded's top 20 video game surprises- titles that, for some reason, I didn't expect to be as good as they turned out to be.

CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Disappointments (Part 2)

Collecting the final ten entries, this is part 2 of the detailed mega-list featuring CelJaded's top 20 video game disappointments. Enough time wasted, let's get straight back to it!

CelJaded Top 20: Video Game Disappointments (Part 1)

Whether it's a direct result of hype or just a very shoddy product from a team that should have known better, a video game disappointment cuts like steel. This first of a two part post collects entries #20-#11 of CelJaded's most disappointing games.

Review: Ben Prunty Albums

Ben Prunty shot to recognition after producing audio for the hit PC game FTL and since I own his entire album collection up to this point (spoiler: they’re rather good!) I’d like to share my thoughts on each one and talk a little bit about why I like them and why you might too.

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The 16-bit Era

The fourth generation of home video game consoles would constitute somewhat of a golden period in my Sega-centric gaming history. Like many moments though, I always found it extremely special to be part of something like this the first time around as well as rediscovering it after many years.

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