This is an index of every boss featured in CelJaded’s 3rd anniversary top 100 list featuring my personal favourite video game bosses.

All of the entries featured in that ten-part series are itemized below with links to the posts in which they appeared. Simply click on one and start reading!

Before you start exploring this list in earnest, be sure to read the introduction post first as it contains the house rules that this list was made under as well as a few random musings that you might find insightful.

Have fun!


#1Gehrman, The First Hunter …For Bloodborne

“This confrontation represents so much more than just a mere skill check or chapter bookend…”

#2 – Seven Force …For Gunstar Heroes

“It’s funny to think that Treasure created one of the most memorable boss battles ever in only their first game.”

#3 – The Rebel Flagship …For FTL: Faster Than Light

“I doubt that any other boss in the history of video gaming could inspire as much awe and dread…”

#4Prince Lorian, Elder Prince & Price Lothric, Younger Prince …For Dark Souls III

“This is a fantastic boss fight and it’s also one that puts a rather unique spin on the the old saying: ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.'”

#5Dragonslayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough …For Dark Souls

“Every lesson in this peerless video game is learned in blood, with the harshest lesson of all coming from a boss fight that has since achieved near legendary renown in certain gaming circles.”

#6The Thirteenth Colossus …For Shadow of the Colossus

“What makes this boss so wonderful, other than its immense size and beauty, is the fact that players need to use all of their available tools in order to hunt it.”

#7Jubileus, The Creator …For Bayonetta

“It’s seems fitting that in the world of Bayonetta, God would be a woman.”

#8The Enchantress …For Shovel Knight

“It’s a solid and fairly tough platforming runabout with magic orbs, fatal pitfalls, and one seriously annoyed evil witch.”

#9 – Alsigard The Maker …For Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

“A spectacle for the ages and a must-see attraction for fans of classic D&D.”

#10Nemesis …For Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

“[Nemesis] changes the presentation of the video game around itself in some profound and rather terrifying ways.”

#11Nemesis Confrontation …For Champions Online

“This is more of a showcase than a raid; one where each player gets the opportunity to flaunt the batty content they’ve created…”

#12N …For Pokémon: Black Version/Pokémon: White Version

“It’s a thrilling twist and the perfect send-off to a marvellous game.”

#13El Luchador …For Rayman Legends

“The crowd cheers, the bells ring, and just you try to suppress a smile during the final confetti celebration.”

#14The Masked Lumen …For Bayonetta 2

“It’s a well-known understanding that the human-sized bosses are to be feared more than the giant ones!”

#15M. Bison …For Street Fighter II′: Champion Edition

“Still one of the most effortlessly charismatic villains in fighting games today.”

#16Rugname …For Metal Slug 2

“It’s Independence Day meets Metal Slug in this completely bonkers battle versus an alien mothership.”

#17Wolfgunblood Garopa …For Alien Soldier

“A truly over-the-top duel against a cyborg coyote cowboy who rides a robot horse.”

#18Buppousou …For Ikaruga

“Superb interaction like this is far too uncommon in cooperative shoot ’em ups…”

#19Alma …For Ninja Gaiden

“A true gatekeeper who ensures that only the most skilled players see what else lies beyond her reach.”

#20Storm King …For Demon’s Souls

“An enjoyable finale to an otherwise punishing level.”

#21Imperial Defense Unit Bacharsuha …For Panzer Dragoon Orta

“Bacharshua gets top billing here due to its compelling design.”

#22Professor Kukui …For Pokémon Sun and Moon

“[Kukui’s] balanced team of Pokémon use strategies that are befitting of a real world competitive player.”

#23Shiva …For Streets of Rage II

“It’s not often that a penultimate boss fight steals the show, but that is most certainly the case here.”

#24Fume Knight …For Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

“This is a thrilling fight and it’s one that gives you plenty to think about despite its rather standard presentation.”

#25Geese Howard …For Fatal Fury

“Some video game bosses want absolutely no nonsense. Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard is one of them.”

#26Mecha Sonic …For Sonic & Knuckles

“The spectacle of this one-on-one battle is impressive for a mere 16-bit game…”

#27Magician …for The House of The Dead

“An exceptionally cool boss from Sega’s popular light gun arcade game.”

#28Yellow Devil …For Mega Man

“The demands that this battle makes on your wits and reflexes are huge.”

#29Shao Kahn …For Mortal Kombat II

“Steve Ritchie’s incomparable voice acting really cements Shao Kahn’s position as one of gaming’s most awesome villains.”

#30King …For Shining Force II

“A memorable boss from one of the Mega Drive’s scant few turn-based RPGs.”

#31Don Nui …For Shenmue II

“You can’t fault the drama in Don Nui’s eventual and rather momentous fall.”

#32Chai …For Shenmue

“A wannabe gang-banger with delusions far greater than his freakish stature would suggest…”

#33Gruntilda …For Banjo-Kazooie

“Grunty is a witch of some renown and she’s out to prove it in this exciting encounter that’s played over multiple phases.”

#34Master …For Fallout

“It’s the writing and role-playing potential that really elevates this boss to something much more special.”

#35Train Tank …for Rocket Knight Adventures

“This is a furious battle of endurance against an intimidating locomotive…”

#36Star Wolf …For Lylat Wars

“It’s during these scenarios that the game most resembles Star Wars…”

#37Goro …For Mortal Kombat

“You wouldn’t have to look far in order to find fans who still revile this particular four-armed bastard.”

#38Eldrith …For Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

“Eldrith is an imposing and appropriately-dressed opponent who can be pretty tough to defeat on the upper difficulty levels…”

#39Cyberdemon …For DOOM

“It’s cool, it’s terrifying, and it’s absolutely rock solid to bring down.”

#40Onslaught …For Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes


#41Pyron …For Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

“An ancient entity of planet-consuming power whose status as an aggressive final boss is well-earned.”

#42Jacqueline Dressy …For Dynamite Headdy

“She’s not exactly in a rush to beat you or anything, but perhaps that’s all part of the act!”

#43Rootmars …For Metal Slug 3

“You’d be surprised how many bosses in video games involve a gigantic “thing” showing up to torment the player during a climactic state of freefall.”

#44Algol …Soulcalibur IV

“An ancient warrior whose totally unorthodox fighting style and unique costume design set him apart from fighting game bosses of a similar stature.”

#45Robotnik’s Giant Mech …For Sonic the Hedgehog 2

“Perhaps the most memorable in the entire Sonic franchise.”

#46De Rol Le …for Phantasy Star Online

“Many an hour have I lost to this insidious but strangely compelling leech.”

#47Popokarimu …For Resident Evil 5

“It’s a ferocious opponent for such an early point in the game, but its rear-facing weak point makes the fight extremely well suited for cooperative play.”

#48Jack Lupino …For Max Payne

“Lupino adds a lot to Max Payne’s choking atmosphere of dark and unsettling themes.”

#49King Bowser …For Super Mario 64

“Displays a tenacity on the part of Nintendo to do their 3D concept justice without it feeling like a mere gimmick.”

#50Valgas …For Power Stone

“His speed and aptitude at grabbing the Power Stones make him a worthy foe rather than an overly frustrating one.”

#51 – Commandant René Durant …For Ironcast

“The satisfaction you’ll get from finally putting this snobby toff out of commission will feel very special indeed.”

#52Frank Horrigan …For Fallout II

“The merest idea of a power armour-wearing super mutant should be enough of a terrifying concept on its own.”

#53Allied Tank …For Under Defeat

“A very American tank whose main cannon is so powerful it creates a massive shock wave that fills the screen with debris and bullets.”

#54SBS-130 …For Radiant Silvergun

“32-bit doesn’t really get much cooler!”

#55Barney …For Three Dirty Dwarves

“Like a finely-crafted matryoshka doll, Barney finally emerges from his machines until eventually it’s just him and his wimpy jetpack left trying to stop you!”

#56Motaro …For Mortal Kombat 3

“Motaro shrugs off special moves and other cheap tricks in his merciless desire to tear players limb from limb.”

#57Uranus [Tera] …For Rez

“A shape-shifting UFO guardian who takes players on a merry chase through cyberspace.”

#58Abyss …For Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

“A final demonic form that’s so huge it hogs the entire screen in all of its terrifying awesomeness.”

#59White Lord …For Etherlords II

“This guy is a nightmare to take down and requires perfect knowledge of the game and its systems in order to beat.”

#60Dural …for Virtua Fighter

“[Dural] embodies that ‘hidden character’ mythology that fighting games like Mortal Kombat so perfectly created in arcade games around this time.”

#61The Kreon …For Vanquish

“So huge it acts as a set piece for an entire level.”

#62Ulticannon …For Evolution 2: Far Off Promise

“Ulticannon is daunting and difficult, but it’s also another climactic send-off to yet another mediocre JRPG.”

#63Prince Eugene …For Evolution: The World of Sacred Device

“Japanese role-playing games love an over-the-top boss battle and it’s easy to list Evolution’s final baddie among them.”

#64The Arishok …For Dragon Age II

“It’s certainly one of the tougher and more dramatic battles (if attempted one-on-one at least), but the fighting itself is not really the focus.”

#65Cycloid Emperor …For Duke Nukem 64

“Game over, indeed!”

#66Shadow Man …For Prince of Persia

“…to get players to realize this after several level’s worth of conditioning is some genius puzzle design.”

#67Volf …For Ninja Gaiden II

“Volf himself looks mighty impressive with his fiendish arms and massive scythe on display.”

#68 – Berserker …For Gears of War

“Whether it’s the first or third time you’ve done it, “dropping the hammer” always feels so damn satisfying!”

#69Hugolin Bear …For Toy Commander

“It’s a lot of fun to take command of robots, missile buggies, and floating pirate ships in order to see off a cyborg teddy bear…”

#70King Dedede …For Kirby’s Dreamland

“This feisty penguin brawler is the final obstacle players need to overcome…”

#71The Keeper …For Convoy

“The running time, music, and moment-by-moment gameplay all feel perfectly pitched…”

#72Dmitry …For Ironclad Tactics

“The bastard earns that prestigious honour with every passing second of his tense and insanely difficult fight.”

#73Migen and Son …For Mischief Makers

“The range of attack animations and movement patterns on this boss are really cool.”

#74Viktor Marchenko …For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

“What really makes Marchenko a great boss is the fact that he is built up as a credible villain from the moment you first meet him.”

#75Pieter Burke …For Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link

“This scenario is really good as it plays up to the things that Deus Ex is loved for…”

#76The Starkesturm …For Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

“If massive robot spider drones attacking steampunk Chicago weren’t enough, try taking down the shield generators on this thing!”

#77Undeep …For Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

“Easily the biggest and most intimidating enemy you’ll have met at this point in the game.”

#78George & Darkness …For Rakuga Kids

“Darkness himself is a fun character with plenty of weird and wonderful special moves to gawp at.”

#79Leader Whitney …for Pokémon Gold and Silver

“It’s just not cricket!”

#80Shadow Master …For Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

“I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in the trippy vortex background full of anguished faces, but I’m sure it’s all suitably sinister.”

#81Perfect Chaos …For Sonic Adventure

“The spectacle of fighting Chaos in its final form is backed up beautifully by the appearance of Super Sonic.”

#82The Great Mighty Poo …For Conker’s Bad Fur Day

“This irritable boss indulges in a full-on soprano routine!”

#83Galactus …For Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Capcom’s crossover brawlers are known for their over-the-top boss battles, but Galactus easily trumps them all in terms of sheer scale.”

#84HAG1 …For Banjo-Tooie

“If only the rest of Banjo-Tooie felt so inspired!”

#85Mothership …For Gun Metal

“The appearance of this laser-spewing troop transport is always likely to prompt a few gasps of amazement.

#86Altair …For Bomberman 64

“This evil emperor attacks with conventional bombs whist enlisting the help of his pet droid called Vega…”

#87Golden Ogre …For Darius Gaiden

“…the impressive multi-segmented sprite work on this boss is just too damn good to ignore.”

#88Mandragora Heart …For Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage

“…just try to forget the sight of those haunting red eyes and malevolent petals.”

#89Ouroboros …For Strider

“It’s just too weird and quirky not to love!”

#90Iron Sentinel …For Metal Slug 6

“…the second level boss (which is based on a real WWII tank) shows off some awe-inspiring scaling techniques.”

#91Thunder …For Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

“Battling the Campaigner can only feel like a let-down after facing off against his near-invincible pet T. rex who breathes fire and shoots lasers out of a bionic skull plate.”

#92Frostfire …For City of Heroes

“…it wasn’t uncommon for him to wipe out an entire team of unsuspecting heroes all on his own!”

#93Bellyache …For Splatterhouse 2

“Bellyache gets bonus points for the amusing pre-battle cutscene…”

#94Eliza …For Gokujou Parodius

“It’s weird. It’s memorable. It’s Parodius.”

#95Flight Attendant …For D2

“…you can’t fault some of the wonderful nonsense that the Flight Attendant spews during the battle.”

#96Mutoid Man …For Smash TV

“I want you to take $5 from the player right now.”

#97Master Mold …For Marvel Trading Card Game

“This is one fight that casual players have absolutely no business walking into!”

#98Giant Baby …For Zombies Ate My Neighbors

“Easily the most memorable enemy in the cult action game…”

#99Locomotive Breath …For Gynoug

“Gynoug is blessed (or is that cursed?) with some wonderfully twisted Gigeresque boss design…”

#100GSC-WT …For Sol-Feace

Wolf Team defied conventions and in doing so created something a bit more mysterious and memorable than usual.”